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Vaginal and Labial Aging

Aging of the vulva, labia or external genitalia may result in the appearance of a wrinkled, deflated Labia Minora and Majora with aesthetic unappealing loss of integrity structure and form. Additional signs of vulvovaginal atrophy may occur internally leading to pain, dryness, inflammation and discharge, together with painful sexual intimacy.


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Do you feel the symptoms of vaginal aging, labial aging, or aging of the vulva? It is important to be well-informed about your specific problem and the treatments available. Find more about these symptoms and the treatments available at SpaMedica below.

What is Vaginal Aging, Labial Aging and Vulvar Aging?

Anatomy of the Vulvo/Vaginal Region
Figure 1.Anatomy of the Vulvo/Vaginal Region

The Vulva is the anatomical area that contains the external female genitalia and includes the clitoral hood, clitoris, Labia Minor and Majora, Peineal region and we will extend the anatomy to the Mons Pubis above and anus below. Aging of the vulva, labia or external genitalia such as the labia majora, minora, perineum and mons pubis can occur with age-related changes such as those experienced on the face, neck or body. This may result in the appearance of a wrinkled, deflated Labia Minora and Majora with aesthetic unappealing loss of integrity structure and form.  In addition, there may be hyper or hypo pigmentation syndrome leading to brown or white patches and lack of tissue responsiveness.  Additional signs of vulvovaginal atrophy may occur internally leading to pain, dryness, inflammation and discharge, together with painful sexual intimacy.

What are the visual Signs and Symptoms of aging of the Vulva and Labia?

With age, decreasing estrogen and childbirth, there is often a general loss of tone and elasticity to the soft tissue including vulvar and labial, vaginal laxity with decrease soft-tissue fullness, increasing wrinkling and lack of support of the labia majora and minora.  There can be a vulvar dyschromia (increased brown pigmentation) that has colour changes with whitening of areas or patches or hyper pigmentation (brownness) and staining.  These light and dark patches can decrease the overall visual appeal of the aging vulvovaginal region. There can also be histological and macroscopic visual changes of vulvar atrophy (thinning), or changes in the skin texture of the labia minora and majora.  There can be loss of fullness and thinning of the tissue with wrinkling of the labia majora with those superficial skin growths, dermal papillae or bumps.

Although usually there is minimal functional implications of vulvovaginal aging, there can be some lack of sensory stimulation and discomfort of the introitus, or entrance to the vaginal canal and deflation of the labia major, with loss of firmness and responsiveness of the labia minora.

The prime dissatisfaction of patients with vulvovaginal atrophy is the aesthetic appearance of aging skin and soft tissue.  Just like facial aging of the face, neck or body regions, some patients find the aging soft-tissue changes of the vulvar region and labia majora and minora to be aesthetically unappealing and request minimally invasive non-surgical treatments for rejuvenation.

What are the symptoms of vulvovaginal and labial aging?

Toronto patients with aging of the labia and vulva, in addition to the aesthetic changes they find unattractive, may experience symptoms of loss of volume, with diminished tissue resistance and responsiveness of labia minora and majora, that is characteristic of a youthful disposition.  There can be some sagginess of the skin and redundancy of the labia minora, which may fold in to the vaginal canal and introitus during intimacy and this lack of labial support and redundancy, may cause discomfort.  Brown or light pigmentation changes are also aesthetically unappealing to many patients who request treatment.

What age does Vulvovaginal labial aging occur?

With advancing years and decrease in estrogen levels, there is a decrease in blood flow.  The decrease in blood flow reduces cellular content of the lining of the vagina and the sub-mucosal tissue.  There is decreasing lubrication and mucinous production, resulting in inflammation and dryness, as well as atrophy of the external labia minora and majora with deflation and decent.  Age-related changes in pigmentation can also occur.

What are the traditional labial aging treatments?

Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing
Figure 2. Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing of the labia major and minor

Traditional treatments have involved using a surgical technique such as a labiaplasty, or reduction of excessively enlarged or lax labia minora, and then volumization techniques such as fat grafting to the labia majora and minora to plump and firm the deflated soft tissue support. These surgical vaginal rejuvenation techniques continue to be popular.  Fat grafting to the labia majora and minora can also be replaced with simple injection Juvederm Voluma.

Toronto labial aging and vaginal aging patients may elect to undergo more modern techniques of laser labia rejuvenation using a fractional CO2 laser to perform a resurfacing of the labia minora and majora can improve the texture of the aged, wrinkled, deflated labia minora and majora tissue.  Similar to fractional resurfacing of the face for rejuvenation of old, photo-aged, wrinkled skin, the labia minora and majora can also be treated with the fractional CO2 using the external hand pieces and applicators and the Mona Lisa Touch, the CORE Intima and the Fractora V. Usually the rejuvenation of the vulvovaginal and labial aging in an atrophic patient is a multi-treatment program.

The multi-treatment laser labial rejuvenation program includes the use of adjunctive techniques such as fractional CO2 for wrinkles and laxity, volumization with the Juvederm Voluma, or fat grafting with or without a labia minora trim or reduction.  Either augmentation or reduction of labia minora can be performed.  The labia majora usually requires augmentation and fat grafting or using a dermal filler such as juvederm voluma is often the prime choice.  Vulvar and perineal bleaching creams can lighten any brown discolouration and mons pubis techniques, such as mons liposuction reduction or mons pubis lifting with secondary clitoral hood repositioning can also be added.

Before and After Vagina


The benefits of Vaginal Aging treatments are:

  • Treatment will return your vagina to nearly the same tightness you had in your youth or before pregnancies.
  • A rejuvenated trim vagina may boost your self-confidence.
  • You may find that wearing clothing, such as bikini bottoms or panties, is enhanced by your sleek new shape.

Next Steps

How do I schedule a consultation for labial and vulva rejuvenation? To schedule a consultation for Toronto labial aging, vaginal aging, and vulva aging, simply call 877-712-8367. You can also fill out the online consult request form and a SpaMedica client service representative will be with you promptly.

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Who performs the labial vaginal vulvar examination and treatment at SpaMedica?

Dr. Sasha Syvstonyuk headshot
Figure 4. Dr. Sasha Syvstonyuk, SpaMedica’s Head of the Female Health and Vaginal Wellness program.

SpaMedica offers the finest in aesthetic treatments and treatment professionals.  SpaMedica dermatologists and Dr. Mulholland and the SpaMedica plastic surgeons are some of Canada’s most notable and reputable physicians.  SpaMedica also offers a nationally recognized minimally-invasive gynaecologist, Dr. Sasha Syvstonyuk  (Dr. “Sasha”), who is the head of the SpaMedica Female Wellness and Vaginal Health Team.  You will have a labial, vaginal and vulvar examination by Dr. “Sasha”, who will then discuss with you the treatment programs that are available.  Comprehensive treatment of vaginal relaxation syndrome, atrophic vulvovaginal atrophy, symptoms of urinary incontinence and external Labia Minora and Majora rejuvenation can all be discussed and a customized treatment program devised.