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Loss of breast volume can occur due to hereditary factors, normal aging changes, or following pregnancy and breast feeding. Breast lift achieves increased breast volume and projection as well as elevated nipple areola complex levels. 


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Mastopexy Surgery

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The loss of volume in the breast, most notably in the upper breast poles, is accompanied by a deflation and flattening of the breast. Our cosmetic surgery team will discuss the breast lift mastopexy and/or implant rejuvenation options with you to make sure you get the best treatment possible. Patients will have to discuss their medical history and drugs they have taken in the past year. Vectra 3D Imaging is offered for patients who want to visualize how their breasts will potentially look if implants are required along breast lift.

Breast Lift Procedure Details

The purpose of breast lift is to lift the breast up for a more feminine and youthful appearance. Breast lifts do not increase the size of breasts (see: breast augmentation).

Breast lift procedures can have several different types of incisions with variable degrees of lifting power and capability. The most limited kind of breast lift is an incision around the areola with removal of some of the loose skin. The second type of breast incision called the “lollipop incision” involves a vertical limb under the areola that stops at the under breast crease.

The most extensive breast lift is the mastopexy procedure (“the anchor incision”) which involves an under the breast scar together with the lollipop. The mastopexy procedure takes approximately two hours to perform and is done under IV sedation or local anesthetic. Local anesthesia and some oral relaxation pills are very common sedation methods when undergoing breast lift procedures. There will be a fully certified anesthesiologist monitoring your IV sedation. Your post-operative care will be in certified recovery rooms with a well-trained recovery room nurse to ensure optimal care and safety.

Following your breast lift procedure, a series of laser treatments will be conducted to minimize the risk of visible scarring. These laser treatments can also ensure that you have the greatest probability of avoiding capsular formation and for established capsules will help soften the stiffness that can occur sometimes following breast augmentation and breast lift surgery.

The short scar breast lift is often more aesthetically pleasing and does not include the horizontal scar under the breast. Often the procedures can be performed under local anesthesia alone, or together with light IV sedation.

Occasionally excision of soft tissue is combined with breast augmentation at the single stage, whereas in many circumstances two stage breast rejuvenation, breast lifting, removal of skin followed up by breast augmentation is recommended. In the properly selected patient a large breast implant can eliminate the need for external breast lift scars.

After Care Instructions and Expectations

Breast lift surgery requires several days of recovery. Your breast lift may be achieved through a breast implant inserted alone, or removal of extra skin from the breast to tighten the envelope and add more projection. Sometimes a combination of breast lift skin removal and a breast implant is performed.

You will go home in a bra with only light dressings over the incision lines 2-3 hours following your procedure. The bra is worn as a support dressing for 2-3 weeks. Sutures are usually completely removed within 2-3 weeks. Initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication. Light activities may be started in 7-10 days.


The keys to maintaining your breast lift, it is important to eat well by following a healthy diet. After your recovery period, get into a routine of exercising and staying hydrated. Over time and due to aging, the breast can start to sag again; a second procedure will be advised. The length of time depends on the elasticity of the skin and the techniques used for the breast lifts. It is best to follow the proper nutrition and work on avoiding anything that will have negative impact on health.

Risks and Complications

Breast lift risks that are general to surgery include infections, hematoma and anesthesia complications. Other risks and side effects include poor scar healing, breast asymmetry, breast contour irregularities and possibility of revision surgery. Speak with the surgeon to discuss other risk factors and complications in relation to your health.


Breast lift surgery is very successful at achieving increased volume and projection as well as elevated nipple areola complex levels and there’s a high degree of patient satisfaction with the procedure. You can expect smaller, perkier, more elevated and shapelier breasts.


Patients can expect firmer and higher breasts. The breast lift does not increase the size of your breasts, it lifts them up. Some women report they feel more feminine and younger after the procedure.

Additional Procedures to Enhance Results

Additional or alternative procedures include Breast Augmentation, Breast Fat Grafting and Mommy Makeover

Breast Lift Toronto Cost and Payment Options

Breast Lift costs start from $5,999 to $8,999 depending upon the extent of surgery and if an implant is included in the aesthetic plan. SpaMedica offers surgical financing options, it is best to speak to our team regarding payment options.

Next Steps

The next step is booking a breast lift consultation with our staff and meet Dr. Mulholland at our SpaMedica Plastic Surgery Clinic. Please call us today to book your appointment.