Anyone looking to reshape or resize the size of their breast. Explore the options below.

Procedure Details

SpaMedica offers breast augmentation, lifts and reductions to suit the look you desire. Here are the following breast cosmetic surgery procedures offered:

Breast Augmentation: There are a multitude of options for implants that will provide desired feminine curves. Saline and gel implants provide larger and shapelier breasts through an augmentation procedure at SpaMedica. Using a small incision in either the armpit, under the breast or by the nipple, a small pocket will be created where the desired implant will be inserted.

Breast Lift: Through the use of an incision in the crease under the breasts or around the nipple, excess skin is removed and the nipple is repositioned higher. Often, an implant is also utilized to lift the breasts to the desired location. A breast lift will restore sagging breasts to the elevated location you long for.

Breast Reduction: To reduce breast size to a desirable and more functional size and shape, a breast reduction procedure can help bring the breasts from an oversized to more manageable state. Through small flaps created on both sides of the breasts, excess skin, fat and tissue is extracted. Additionally, nipples are typically relocated to a higher position, keeping the breast appearance proportionate.

Male Breast Reduction: Liposuction can be utilized for gynecomastia, or male breast reduction. Through short incisions, a small probe is utilized to liquefy and draw the fat from the unwanted areas. For a reduction in the excess localized fat and glandular tissue that causes this abnormality, a male breast reduction at SpaMedica can provide you restored self esteem and a body image to be proud of.


Create a shapely sculpted silhouette that increases your confidence and self-esteem.

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