Brazilian Butt Lift


The Brazilian Butt Lift offers volume and shapelier buttocks through a surgical procedure of liposuction and fat transplantation. The fat is taken through liposuction from unwanted areas such as the abdomens, hips and outer thighs and transplanted after harvesting to the buttocks offering enhanced contouring and shape.


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Are You a Candidate?

Good candidates for the Brazilian Butt Lift have some loss of volume and shape in the central mound of their buttock or some asymmetry or post-traumatic, post-liposuction abnormality.  Good candidates realize they may get some enhanced body contour, shape and form by performing post-harvest liposuction on the donor sites.Contraindications to fat grafting to the buttock include patients with unrealistic expectations, who may be pregnant at the time of the procedure and those with inflammatory infective lesions or cancerous lesions in the areas of either the donor site or the recipient site.

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Are You a Candidate?

Procedure Details

The Brazilian Butt Lift, or fat grafting to the buttocks is, defined as one of the large zone fat grafting areas. The large zone means that a large amount of donor site fat must be harvested in order to create enough volume and shape to the buttocks. It is not uncommon to inject 300-400 cc of purified fat into the buttocks. Fat grafting and fat transplantation to the buttock is performed by harvesting fat from donor sites or areas of the body where fat is not desired.

The most common donor sites include the abdomen, hips and flanks and outer thighs.  One of the large benefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift, or fat grafting to the buttocks, is that the large amount of donor site fat required, means that multiple donor zone liposuction is performed, resulting in a pleasing body contour liposuction result, in addition to the Brazilian Butt Lift, or fat grafting and fat transplantation to the buttocks.

Figure 1. Common donor sites for fat grafting to the buttocks include all the “frustrating to lose” focal fat collection areas including the hips, tummy and outer thighs.

The Brazilian Butt Lift or Fat grafting and fat transplantation to the buttocks requires large volumes of fat cells and stem cells. Large volume donor sites are required.  In order to graft 200-400 cc into each buttock, 1-2 litres of donor fat need to be harvested.

Thus, the Brazilian Butt lift, or fat grafting and fat transplantation to the buttocks comes with the aesthetic and cosmetic advantage of undergoing multiple zone body completion liposuction after the Vaser Lipo buttock fat grafting harvest technique. This results in a “Total Body Contouring” result following the Brazilian Butt Lift, with the buttocks getting rounder, fuller and lifted while all the donor sites get contoured and shaped.

The donor sites are infiltrated with local anesthesia, providing a painless donor site experience. The donor site is then treated with the high-tech Vaser lipo device. Dr. Mulholland has pioneered this gentle, a-traumatic ultrasonic liposuction harvest of buttock fat grafting cells and stem cells. The Vaser Lipo system consists of an ultrasonic probe that is inserted into the donor fat sites.

The Ultrasound Vaser probe emits an ultrasonic energy wave into the donor fat tissue, a-traumatically, softening and loosening the fat cells from their fibrous attachment. The gentle ultrasound waves separate the fat cells from their lobular fibrous encasement and mixes the fat cells and fat derived stem cells with the saline from infiltration, like a donor fat smoothie.  Preparation of fat graft material includes centrifugation and separation of the fat and stem cells from the unwanted serum, blood and local anesthesia.

Figure 2.  The Vaser Lipo device.  The Vaser Lipo system emits gentle ultrasound waves into the donor fat and loosens these fat and stem cells from their fibrous lobular structure and mixes them with the local anesthesia, like a fat and stem cells “smoothie”. This Vaser Lipo fat graft material is easy to aspirate, prepare and inject grafts into the buttocks during the Brazilian Butt Lift.






Figure 3. Brazilian fat graft fat and stem cell aspiration  A. Normal fat cells and fat derived stem cells live in tightly bound compartments, making their extraction difficult and traumatic which will damage the fat cells that are needed to survive the transplantation process. B. The Vaser Lipo probe emits gentle ultrasound waves that dislodges the fat cells and fat derived stem cells that mix with the tumescent local anesthesia makes a fat cell and stem cell “smoothie”, that is easy to aspirate without trauma to the fat cells and stem cells that are need to survive the transplant process to the buttocks during the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Figure 4.  The Vaser Lipo system comes with a motorized gentle aspirating system that allows the doctor to harvest the fat and stem cells quickly and with little trauma. In the aspiration and removal of the stem cells, the Vaser lipo device uses a low pressure, mechanical harvest system call, with a small blunt tipped contour.

Can liposuction be performed on the donor sites during the Brazilian Butt lift?

Patients can look forward to multiple site body contouring after their fat grafting and fat transplantation to the buttocks. One of the big aesthetic advantages of fat grafting to the buttocks is the liposuction and body contouring to multiple donor sites can be performed.

The Brazilian Butt lift often calls for 200-400 cc of fat graft material in each buttock cheek and this must be harvested from several donor sites. This affords the opportunity to contour several frustrating focal fat collections in addition to shaping and lifting the buttock.

The Brazilian Butt Lift allows patients to “steal from Peter to pay Paul” and the result is often a “Total Body Contouring” result. Of course safety must be paramount. The safe limit of total liposuction is never violated.

Figure 5.  The Brazilian Butt Lift.  After the Vaser lipo harvest of the fat graft material, the contour in the donor sites is further contoured and the reduction of overlying fat leads to a better contour in the donor site.

How are the fat cells and stem cells purified and prepared for the fat grafting and fat transplantation into the buttocks during the Brazilian butt lift procedure?

Once the fat cells and stem cells are aspirated (harvested) they must be prepared prior to transplantation. The preparation process most often involves “spinning down” the fat in a centrifuge, which separates the fat cells and stem cells away from unwanted elements.  The purified fat cells are then gently transferred, in a sterile fashion to syringes for injection into the buttock.

Figure 6.  After the Vaser Lipo fat graft harvest, the fat cells and stem cells are then prepared by centrifugation, washing or enzymatic digestion. The purified fat and stem cells are then transferred to syringes of injection grafting and transplantation into the buttocks.

Figure 7.  Once the fat cells are prepared, which may include centrifugation (left), washing or enzymatic digestion, the purified fat and stem cells are transferred to syringes (right) for grafting and transplantation into the buttocks.

How is the buttock injected during a Brazilian Butt Lift and how do the fat and stem cells live?

The recipient site of the buttocks has been analyzed between the patient and Dr. Mulholland. The region where the optimal volume is required and the shape and projection that might be achieved has been discussed.  In general, central buttock augmentation is most common to give a round, projected, elevated buttock. There may also be isolated soft tissue buttock defects from previous liposuction surgery or hereditary asymmetry abnormalities and these can be augmented and injected as well.

Figure 8. There are many different shapes of buttocks. Most commonly Toronto Fat grafting to the buttocks patients present with “square” or “V-shaped” buttocks and desire a “Round” or “Heart” shaped Brazilian Butt Lift.

The fat graft injections into the buttock must be performed expertly and with a highly sophisticated structural strategy.  “Structural Fat Grafting” is a fat grafting technique that optimizes structural shape and support to the buttocks, as well as optimizing the cells picking up a new blood supply and survival. Blunt-nosed microinjection cannulas are used to place small 2mm wide toothpick-sized fat grafts throughout the soft tissue of the buttock.

It is important that each fat graft cell be no more than 1-2mm away from a blood supply if survival is to be optimized.  This structural fat grafting technique has been pioneered and perfected by Dr. Mulholland in fat grafting and fat transplantation buttock procedures.  The fat grafts are placed throughout the underlying muscle and soft tissue until the optimal shape and contour has been achieved.

Hundreds of milliliters may be placed in each buttock and the fat grafts placed in multiple layers to ensure adequate possibility for revascularization and survival.

        Figure 9.  Structural Fat Grafting during the Brazilian Butt Lift. The fat grafting, blunt tipped, micro-cannula is first passed into the soft tissue of the buttock and, upon withdrawal, the small 2mm wide “tooth pick” sized fat grafts are deposited.

The soft tissue that was pushed out of the way passing the micro cannula in then collapses around and envelopes the fat graft material. (top). Multiple layers are passed throughout the muscle and soft tissue of the buttock. Each pass and layer must be close to but not violate other soft tissue tunnels of grafted and transplanted fat and stem cells. The Structural Fat Grafting technique ensures smooth soft contours.

Will my fat grafting and fat transplantation to my buttocks be smooth and symmetrical or can it be lumpy?

Brazilian Butt Lift patients will undergo the “Structural Fat Grafting” procedure. The Structural Fat Grafting technique optimizes the long-term smooth volume, shape and projection of the buttocks, with a very low risk of buttock lumps, or buttock cheek asymmetry.

During the structural fat grafting and transplantation injection technique, 2mm sized toothpick fat grafts are deposited in discrete buttock soft tissue tunnels created by the blunt tipped micro cannula.

This technique ensures optimal structural support and smoothness of the Brazilian Butt lift outcome. The Fat grafts become incorporated into the Buttock soft tissue, solidified by collagen ingrowth and become part of the buttock, moving and responding to deformation or pressure like normal buttock tissue. If the fat is injected incorrectly in clumps, then the middle of the fat graft will undergo necrosis and result in buttock lumpiness.

Facial Fat Grafting Fat Grafting Illustrations          Facial Fat Grafting Fat Grafting Illustrations 2Figure 10.  Structural Fat Grafting methodology and fat transplantation to the Buttocks during the Brazilian Butt Lift, performed expertly by Dr. Mulholland, will result in a soft, smooth, even buttock augmentation result, where the incorporated fat grafts will respond to touch, pressure and deformation with the normal elastic properties of the normal un-grafted breast tissue.

Facial Fat Grafting Fat CellsFigure 11.  Dr. Mulholland deploys the Structural Fat Grafting technique for his Toronto Brazilian Butt Lift patients. Fat cells and fat derived stem cells should not be injected in clumps, or spherical blobs during fat grafting to the buttocks, or the centre of the clump will be too  far away from a new blood supply and will undergo death or necrosis, leaving round, hard lumps that can be palpable.  This buttock lumpiness can and should be avoided with expert deployment of “Structural Fat Grafting” methodology (see above).

Can my buttock fat grafts move or migrate after my Brazilian Butt lift?

Patientst do not need to worry about their fat grafts moving. The Structural Fat Grafting technique deployed expertly by Dr. Mulholland ensures that the fat cell and fat derived stem cells are stabilized in their own tiny soft tissue tunnels, where they get a new blood supply and stable collagen attachments. The fat graft material becomes incorporated into the normal buttock host tissue and do not move or act independently but become, part of the natural buttock soft tissue.

How long will the fat grafts and fat transplants to my buttocks last?

Careful structural fat grafting technique during the Brazilian Butt lift, places all the fat cells and fat derived stem cells 1-2 mm from a blood supply. New blood vessels grow into the fat cells, a process called neovascularization. Once a blood supply has been returned to the grafted fat cells and stem cells in the soft tissue of the buttocks, the grafted cells become incorporated as part of the normal buttock tissue and will live for many years. Of course, even normal buttock fat and shape is subject to the aging process and body fat tends to dissipate with age, including that in the buttock tissue will undergo age related fat loss, as will the fat grafts.

Dr. Mulholland will deploy a meticulous Structural Fat grafting procedure ensuring fat cells are all close to a blood supply and are stabilized by soft tissue ensuring structural stability, volume, support, projection and viability by optimizing neovascularization (new blood supply) to the grafted fat cells and stem cells.

Facial Fat GraftingFigure 12.  A successful Brazilian Butt Lift requires optimally placed fat grafts for shape and structural support and these transplanted fat and stem cells must then pick up a new blood supply. Immediately following grafting and transplantation, the fat cells and fat derived stem cells survive by diffusion of nutrients, which is possible because the width of the structural fat grafts is only 1-2 mm.  Within 72 hours, new blood supply has grown into the fat grafted material and the viable, well vascularized fat graft tissue becomes stable and will provide a long term Brazilian Butt lift result.


The Brazilian Butt Lift offers improvement with added volume to the buttocks while avoid the invasiveness of Buttock Implants. The procedure offers body contouring with rid of want in unwanted area to more desirable regions.

Patient underwent Vaser Lipo in the hips, flanks and abdomen to fat graft to the buttock.  This patient highlights one of the big advantages of the Brazilian Butt lift, specifically the ability to contour and shape, through completion liposuction of other areas of the body, while still grafting the fat to the buttocks.

Additional Procedures

During the consultation, patients can request other procedures to be done alongside the Brazilian Butt Lift. Suitable body contouring procedures include liposuction, Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck. Facial procedures may also be requested such as the BlepharoplastyFacelift and Neck Lift. This should be discussed with the surgeon as it may increase the recovery period.


There is no specific maintenance required for the Brazilian Butt Lift. About 30-60% of the fat grafts will survive in the recipient region. Dr. Mulholland over-grafts for that specific reason, to account for the fat grafts that will not survive.


Patients should expect shapelier buttocks with added volume and projection. However patients are advised to come in for a second procedure in twelve months to account for the lost fat grafts.


The cost for the Brazilian Butt Lift starts from $8,000. The price will be dependent on the number of liposuction sites required. The surgery is considered elective; it will not be covered by insurance however SpaMedica offers special financing making payments easier.


  • What kind of anesthetic is used during the Brazilian Butt Lift?

    The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and oral sedation. Local anesthetic is injected in the donor site where the fat grafts are harvested and also into the recipient site where fat grafting to the buttock is performed. If a combination of surgeries is being done with the Brazilian Butt Lift, then general anesthesia may be administered.

  • Is the procedure painful?

    Once the local anesthesia has settled in, the procedure will not carry any pain. The post-operative course is also not characterized by much pain. Patients describe that the buttock discomfort is like a bad bruise. Most patients do not need a strong narcotic medication for many days postoperatively. A strong anti-inflammatory, called Tordol (Ketolorac) usually suffices.  For multiple area liposuctions, there may be extra discomfort and possible pain, however it will still be manageable with Tordol.

  • How long does the procedure take?

    The fat grafting and fat transplantation to the buttock takes approximately 1.5 hours.  Usually one, two or three body zones are selected, depending upon the amount of fat in those zones and the harvest takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.  The donor site time will be extended if patients also want post-harvest liposuction contouring to be performed in the donor site.

  • How long is the recovery following fat grafting to the buttock?

    Patients can expect to be sore and stiff for 1-2 weeks. Most patients can return to normal activities of daily living the following day. Care should be taken not to sit or lie directly on the buttocks. Side sleeping and, when sitting, shifting weight to the upper part of the back of the thighs help minimize pressure on the fat cells. The buttock will be somewhat swollen and a little bit bruised, but this usually returns to normal within 4- 6 weeks. Subtle swelling with be present for 3-6 months.

  • Do I need to wear a liposuction garment after my Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

    The garment must be worn for 3-6 weeks following the Brazilian Butt Lift. The garment is not worn to support the buttocks, but rather the multiple large zone donor sites wear Vaser Lipo and completion liposuction has been performed.

    The liposuction garment is specially sized and fit for the patient contour and will ensure the optimal body contour as the donor site skin and soft tissue takes several weeks to shrink and adapt to the new underlying contour.

  • What is the difference between a fat cell and a stem cell?

    Fat tissue harvested from donor body sites contain both mature fat cells and fat derived stem cells. Fat cells are a mature form of a cell, well differentiated and store energy as lipids within the cell itself.

    Mature fat cells supply predictable soft tissue volume and support for the Brazilian Butt Lift. Donor site harvested fat also contains a cellular fraction called fat derived Stem Cells. Fat derived stem cells are naturally occurring cells in human tissue, particularly in human fat.

    Stem Cells are immature, thus depending up the local environment where they are transplanted, these cells can differentiate to become many different kinds of mature and fat cells.

    During a procedure, fat derived stem cells are also included in the fat grafting sequence, as they can cause localized stem cells in the buttock soft tissue to become fat cells adding to the long-term result.

Next Steps

Patients have the option of uploading three photographs prior to their appointment. To book, call us at our surgical hotline at 1-877-695-2835 or fill out our consultation form, and our customer service representative will get in touch with you.