Crystal Peel


Crystal peel microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation therapy for the improvement of skin imperfections.


$189 - $650

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SpaMedica Clinic, Toronto, ON


Registered nurse or doctor

Are You a Candidate?

Individuals with all skin types who desire improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and textural irregularities of the skin, or who have sunspots, sun damaged skin, aging skin, oily skin with enlarged pores, as well as acne and acne scarring are all good candidates for a Crystal Peel microdermabrasion.


Keeping your face clean and clear of any dirt or bacteria will help prevent infection from occurring.

Procedure Details

The Crystal Peel microdermabrasion procedure involves the use of a high speed diamond-tipped machine that safely and gently removes.  Traditionally, aluminum oxide crystals were used by propelling the aluminum oxide crystals onto the skin as an abrasive to remove the outermost skin layer made of dead skin cells.  However, clinics are more commonly adopting the diamond-tipped hand held device for Crystal Peel microdermabrasion.

After Care Instructions

Your SpaMedica in-office treatment programs will be supported by a medical grade Home Skin Care Plan which will enhance your treatment results. Home based medical skin care products will keep your skin looking as nice as possible. SpaMedica dermatology specialists will help formulate the best possible skin care program for your skin type.


Crystal Peels can be performed every 14 days to every month for the best aesthetic skin care results.

Side Effects

Risks, complications, and side effects from microdermabrasion are quite rare when receiving care from a certified physician.  Risks associated with Crystal Peel microdermabrasion are usually caused by unsanitary conditions and tools that are not properly sanitized, which can be avoided by finding a reputable doctor to perform your treatment.


Many patients that undergo Crystal Peel treatments see dramatic improvements in oily or dull skin, enlarged or clogged pores, fine lines, uneven pigmentation, poor skin texture, and mild acne scars.


Crystal Peel microdermabrasion treatments are safe for all skin types, colours, and textures, with results typically seen after the first treatment and amplified with each subsequent visit.  

Additional Procedures

In addition to Crystal Peel, Silk Peel, Chemical Peel or SonoPeel microdermabrasion, our SpaMedica medical spa or dermatology specialists may add Blue Light to microdermabrasion when treating acne. Blue Light acts to stimulate special chemicals in your sebaceous glands, called protoporphyrins which attack and kill the bacteria in the sebaceous glands that can lead to acne.  Our SpaMedica dermatology specialists may combine FotoFacial RF Treatments together with your Crystal Peel, Silk Peel, SonoPeel or Chemical Peel Microdermabrasion to further enhance the results of a smoother complexion with diminished fine lines, age spots, brown spots, redness and textural irregularities.


Each treatment ranges from $189 and a four-treatment package may be purchased for $650.

Next Steps

SpaMedica is in a position to offer you many different and effective skin peel treatments to enhance your appearance while leaving you looking youthful, refreshed and natural. Dr. Stephen Mulholland is a board certified plastic surgeon and one of Canada’s most sought after cosmetic surgery experts. He has pioneered and developed all SpaMedica treatments and programs. Call us today or use our online consultation form to schedule a consultation.

About Us

Dr. Stephen Mulholland, a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon, and his SpaMedica treatment team are dedicated to providing Crystal Peel microdermabrasion patients with the highest level of care, using the most advanced and effective treatments and products available today. Our SpaMedica treatment team will discuss Crystal Peel treatment options with you and will design the best possible Crystal Peel microdermabrasion treatment plan for you.