Droopy Eyebrows


The brow lift may be combined with lower lid and upper lid procedures and combination therapy using lower lid Blepharoplasty, upper lid Blepharoplasty and forehead and brow repositioning are common in combinations to rejuvenate the upper face.

Patients can be treated at SpaMedica by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, using a variety of techniques that result in elevation, re-inflation and smoothening of the brow.

Are You a Candidate?

If you have a sagging forehead or brows that hang too low, or are too close to the eyes or if you have deep vertical furrows between the eyebrows (frown lines) and horizontal worry lines, you may be a candidate for a Brow lift.

Procedure Details

As we age the soft tissue in the brow tends to deflate causing a descent and laxity of the brow. The characteristic appearance of a forehead that is too low will include extra, saggy flesh of the upper lids and loss of a youthful brow arch.  As the eyebrows descend the eyebrow and eyelid encroach upon the eye creating a droopy, tired, aged, and/or angry appearance. In addition, Some patients may also experience over animation of the forehead muscles which accelerate the drooping process of the eyebrows and may create significant wrinkles such as frown lines, horizontal forehead worry lines, and a side of the eye crow’s feet.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Through very small incisions behind the hairline a tiny telescope is inserted under the scalp tissue and the entire eyebrow is freed up from the underlying tissues. The droopy eyebrow can then be lifted and repositioned in a more pleasing and elevated fashion serving to open up the eyes and create a more rested and awake look.

Botox Injectables

Other techniques that may be less invasive to reposition droopy eyebrows include: Botox Injectables brow lift, where droopy eyebrow patients can have a non invasive injection of Botox Injectables into the muscles that pull down the brow, allowing the brow to elevate when these depressors of the brow are relaxed.

Soft Tissue and Dermal Fillers

Injections soft tissue dermal fillers into the eyebrow also create the appearance and illusion of an elevated eyebrow and patients may undergo an eyebrow VolumaLift to simulate many of the effects of a surgical eyebrow lift procedure.


Additional treatments that can be used in combination with soft tissue fillers and fractional resurfacing lasers include intense pulse light photo rejuvenation, Fotofacial RF for the removal of excessive brown spots.


The Thread lift procedure is a minimally invasive facelift that can be performed under local anesthesia. The procedure takes less than two hours to perform and the incisions and approaches are hidden in the scalp and behind the ear. There is a minimal amount of bruising and most patients can return to work within a week.

Next Steps

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About Us

Following an endoscopic brow elevation or one of the less invasive brow elevation rejuvenation procedures there will be the inevitable tendency to aging and recurrence. SpaMedica and Dr. Stephen Mulholland will offer maintenance treatments using skin tightening radio frequency technology, skin tightening lasers and infrared systems, or Botox Injectables and soft tissue fillers to help preserve the brow elevation that’s been achieved.