SpaMedica’s acne Programs use the latest technology, medical equipment and medical skincare products to treat all causes for acne lesions, namely the bacterial overgrowth and sebaceous glands. Our Acne Programs use an extremely safe procedure with zero downtime. SpaMedica’s Blue Light Therapy is effective in significantly reducing acne lesions in over 90% of all acne patients. These results are 3-4 times faster than standard antibiotic or Accutane therapy alone. Maintenance treatments once every 4-6 weeks can help control the number of Acne outbreaks and are highly recommended by physicians and aestheticians alike. At SpaMedica, Acne treatments are used in combination with other treatments in order to achieve the best results possible.

Procedure Details

What is acne? What causes Acne?

Patients who suffer from acne will begin their skin enhancement journey with a full consultation which will explain what acne is and what causes it. When a follicular opening, often referred to as a pore, gets blocked, the skins natural oil, sebum, cannot drain normally to the surface, a blockage occurs and bacteria begins to grow. This blockage is called a “Microcomedone”. Microcomedones, if they remain non-inflamed, become common skin blemishes called comedones. Comedones are either whiteheads or blackheads.

A whitehead forms when trapped sebum and bacteria remain below the skin surface. Whiteheads look like tiny white spots bumps. They can appear on any area of the body and generally clear up in a few days if they do not become inflamed.

A Microcodone becomes a Blackhead when the sebum, which contains melanin, oxidizes and turns a black color because the pore is open to the surface and the air in the atmosphere oxidizes the melanin. Blackheads may be stubborn to clear up because the “plug” very slowly releases to the surface.

If the pore wall ruptures and becomes inflamed, acne, or pimples will occur. Acne lesions can include Papules, Pustules, Cysts and Nodules. First, a Papule forms when there is a break in the pore wall forcing white blood cells to the area and the pore becomes inflamed. Next, a Pustule forms a few days later; this is a very large pus filled lesion. If the follicle opening breaks along the sides or bottom, a large, inflamed bump will occur, this is often painful to touch. Severe inflammatory responses to acne lesions can result in very large pus filled lesions to cover the entire area, which may turn into lined sacks, called cysts.

Can I treat Acne and if so, what treatment options do I have?

Acne patients will benefit from a variety of SpaMedica’s cosmetic dermatology programs and treatments which will correct and control your acne. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in North America and at SpaMedica; we treat your acne in several different and synergistic ways to ensure you have a smooth, even looking clear complexion. SpaMedica acne programs include the use of Blue Light Therapy to reduce the number of acne type bacteria in the sebaceous glands and as ageneral healthy skin maintenance. SpaMedica FotoFacial programs enhance the skin’s appearance, reduce acne scars and the radio frequency diminishes the occurrence of future breakouts by shrinking down the sebaceous glands where the acne bacteria live. An application of Levulan, a photodynamic chemical, controls breakouts and can smooth out even the most cystic of lesions. Fractionated laser treatments such as the SpaMedica eMatrix treatment or the SpaMedica Affirm Infrared or CO2 treatments are the gold standard for acne scar reduction for boxcar, rolling and hypertrophic keloid scars. Ice pick scars can be treated with CO2 resurfacing and the patented SpaMedica PXL. SpaMedica Medical Grade skin care helps keep your acne at bay and helps fight the visible signs of aging.

How can I prevent my acne from coming back?

Patients will certainly have a recurrence of the acne lesions if they do not maintain the acne treatment results with proper home skin care, sun protection and quarterly laser, blue light or microdermabrasion maintenance treatments. Once the areas have been treated with the best SpaMedica treatment program for your acne lesions, your SpaMedica treatment professional will recommend a home regime to protect your investment.

Next Steps

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SpaMedica recommends the following treatments for acne patients: