Flat or Small Buttocks


Having a small or flat buttocks can be quite an annoyance to some women. At SpaMedica, Toronto plastic surgery clinic, we offer butt lifts and implants for patients who are seeking a more rounded and fuller look. We have various options available for our patients including Brazilian butt lift.

Procedure Details

The most common procedure for flat buttocks is fat grafting to the buttock, with the fat being harvested, gently, with needles under local freezing, from other body parts that can be formed in conjunction with liposuction on those body parts. The fat cells are then purified and, together with the stem cells in the fat, are re-injected into the buttock areas to create more volume, shape and attractive contours. Other procedures include: buttock implants inserted under the muscle of the gluteal region. If there’s associated loose skin with a flat, small buttocks, the loose skin can be excised at the same time as fat grafting and buttock augmentation with a buttock lift.

SpaMedica Toronto Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre and Dr. Stephen Mulholland have been serving Toronto flat buttock patients since 1997 and are both one of Toronto’s and Canada’s oldest, most recognized, experienced and reputable cosmetic plastic surgery centres and cosmetic plastic surgeons.

What causes a flat butt?

People with small or flat buttocks have a relatively common condition following weight loss and hereditary conditions, specifically the flat appearance of the buttock contours that lack round, shapely curves. In many cases the flat buttocks is a result of significant weight loss and/or age.

This weight loss may result in loss of shape and fullness of the buttock as well as loose skin and loose buttock folds. With age, there is a generalized loss of body fat, which often results in significant flattening of the buttocks. In some situations, without weight loss there can be a hereditary lack of subcutaneous tissue and fat in the buttock resulting in a flat buttocks with decreased shape.

If I have my flat buttocks treated will the problem recur? And can I prevent this?

Recurrence of flat buttocks which lack contour and shape after fat grafting is uncommon. However, dissipation of fat grafting can occur with time, especially if there’s subsequent significant weight loss. Repeat fat grafting of the buttockscan be performed and repeat fat grafting is often performed to enhance the results of an initial fat grafting treatment.

Next Steps

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SpaMedica Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre and Dr. Stephen Mulholland recommend the following treatments for flat or small buttocks: