Loose Thigh Skin

People with loose thigh skin suffer from a very common condition, specifically the appearance of loose, hanging skin of the thighs. In many cases the loose thigh skin is caused by a weight loss and weight gain with a marked decrease in the normal tone and elasticity of the thigh skin elements. With massive weight loss the elastic fibers of the skin of the thigh, which had been excessively stretched, become lax and the thigh skin ends up hanging.

The normal aging process, in the absence of weight loss, can also result in loose thigh skin, especially on the inner and front of the thigh. Loose thigh skin is common on the inner thigh and front of the thigh and less common on the outer thighs and back of thighs.


Loose Thigh Skin can be treated with a surgical thigh lift. The thigh lift will tighten the skin around the inner and outer thighs. During the procedure, excess fat is removed with liposuction and the hanging skin is incised.

For patients with moderate loose thigh skin, contouring can be achieved with lipo-tightening devices at SpaMedica such as the SmartLipo laser and BodyTite.


Recurrence of loose thigh skin is uncommon following a thigh lift procedure as long as patients maintain consistent weight. Weight maintenance is important in the restoration of contour and tone. With age and time there may be some minor recurrence of laxity and this can usually be retreated with mini thigh lift procedures or some of the SpaMedica non-invasive skin tightening procedures


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