Excessive and Unwanted Hair Removal


Over the past 15 years, SpaMedica has gained a reputation as being Canada’s oldest, most reputable and foremost cosmetic plastic surgery, laser dermatology and medical spa.  Dr. Mulholland has been internationally recognized as a pioneer and innovator of laser skin care procedures.  Dr. Mulholland has personally evolved or pioneered many of the laser hair removal technologies that are available today and has taught thousands of physicians the art and science of laser removal of unwanted hair.  In seeking out a consultation and treatment program with SpaMedica and Dr. Mulholland, you are gaining the expertise and wisdom of one of the most experienced pioneers in the removal of unwanted hair, ensuring the highest possible efficacy in the safest possible environment.

Procedure Details

What is the cause of unwanted hair and how can I get it treated at SpaMedica?

There are many causes for unwanted and excessive body hair, ranging from genetic and hereditary predisposition (which is by far the most common) to underlying medical conditions that can be treated.  Medical conditions that can be treated that may cause unwanted facial or body hair in women include polycystic ovaries, polycystic kidneys and other endocrine disorders that should be ruled out by your family doctor or internist prior to deciding to treat with high-tech laser hair removal systems.  The most common cause, of course, is just pure hereditary predisposition to unwanted hair in face and body areas.  Many women have no underlying genetic, hereditary or medical condition and just desire not to have normal patterns of hair in their underarms, bikini areas, upper and lower legs, forearms, lip, chin, neck and sideburns.  Over the past decade, men have also begun to present in greater numbers for removal of unwanted body hair of the upper chest and back.  This continues to be a very popular treatment for some men.

Once any medical conditions have been ruled out, your SpaMedica team of laser hair removal experts, many of which have over ten years of experience in laser removal of unwanted hair, with multiple lasers and wavelengths, will complete your consultation and make a treatment recommendation.  One of the hallmarks that Dr. Mulholland has created at SpaMedica is that to get the best possible result from your laser hair removal procedure, you will need to have treatments done with multiple different lasers to optimize the permanent reduction of the unwanted hair.

Most medical and non-medical hair removal centres you will go to have a single laser, perhaps two (rarely), which they will offer for your laser hair removal procedure.  Many times, this is an inappropriate laser or wavelength of light energy to treat your specific unwanted hair.  A series of treatments with a single laser device will lead to some permanent reduction, but not optimize the near-total reduction most clients are seeking.  At SpaMedica, Dr. Mulholland has created a laser treatment for unwanted hair program that is characterized by access to the highest number of laser devices during your treatment series to optimize the permanent reduction and disabling of the hair bulbs that result in production of your hair.

At SpaMedica, depending on your skin type, you’ll be offered access to the following laser systems that have been proven to be industry-leading technologies.  The LightSheer 810-nanometer laser has long been one of the gold standards for permanent reduction of unwanted hair in individuals with light skin and dark hair.  Several treatments with the 810-nanometer wavelength laser will then be followed with the 750-nanometer alexandrite laser.  The alexandrite laser has also been proven to be a gold-standard laser treatment for individuals with light skin and dark hair.  After treatments with the alexandrite, any residual hair will be offered the 1,064-nanometer Nd:YAG laser.  This Nd:YAG laser is not the optimal wavelength for light skin-dark hair, but after a series of treatments with the 810-nanometer LightSheer device and the alexandrite laser, any residual hair is usually too deep and can only be accessed with the 1,064.  This combination therapy or multi-wavelength laser exposure of your unwanted hair will optimize the highest possible permanent reduction that can be achieved in modern medicine.  If you have light skin and dark hair and you are offered any one of those individual lasers, you will likely not get the same degree of permanent reduction you could achieve at the SpaMedica laser hair removal program.  Particularly if you have light skin-dark hair and are offered a 1,064-nanometer Nd:YAG laser, your results will likely fall far short of what an optimal result could be.

For darker-skinned patients with dark hair, specific combinations of the 810-nanometer LightSheer-like laser, with longer pulse durations, followed by an Nd:YAG laser, in combination, will optimize the permanent reduction of hair in darker-skinned individuals.

Unfortunately, even with radiofrequency energy and light energy combined, those individual with lighter skin and grey, blonde or red hair can only achieve up to 30% permanent reduction, even with the highest number and widest array of laser devices that can be offered, such as at SpaMedica.  These results may be pleasing to some individuals with grey, blonde or red hair, but generally relegate fair-haired individuals to more traditional depilatory and non-laser, non-permanent reduction techniques.

What is the recovery like following the SpaMedica laser removal of unwanted hair?

The SpaMedica laser hair removal treatment is performed by some of Canada’s and Toronto’s most experienced laser nurses who have years of experience on all wavelengths of light offered for laser hair removal.  Because these treatments are performed expertly, your risks of down time, blisters or delayed healing are extremely low.  Most patients experience some mild degree of redness and swelling and can go back to work on the same day.  Sun exposure in the form of tanning or prolonged ultraviolet light exposure should be minimized for several weeks following laser hair removal to avoid any pigmentation concerns, but normal summer exposure with a sunblock in the summer months does not preclude laser hair removal or, for that matter, photorejuvenation treatments.

Next Steps

If you’re interested in seeking a consultation and treatment with SpaMedica’s multiple-laser, multiple-wavelength laser hair removal program, simply fill out the e-mail consult request form on this page or call SpaMedica now at 877-695-2835 and ask for a laser hair removal consultation for your unwanted hair. You can also book a consultation online.

We look forward to celebrating the joy and beauty of smooth, hairless skin with you.