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Loose, saggy skin?

October 19, 2017

Loose, saggy skin – sometimes called “crepie” skin is a result of aging. Loss of volume in your soft tissue, fat and bone beneath the skin is a major contributor to the problem. You also experience loss of elastin and collagen in the dermis, which adds the aged, loose skin.

The Solution

You will see creams and lotions and potions and on Pinterest, you will find homemade recipes using egg whites and various things. Some of those will actually help support your skin before the sagging starts. However it can’t and won’t reverse the aging skin.

Even though you can’t cure it at home, there are options for you. A cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon can help restore some youth, vitality and tightness to your aging skin.

Energy devices that are designed to heat the collagen under your skin with infrared light or laser tighten your skin. It is nonsurgical, minimally invasive and most importantly, effective.

The treatment is safe and will give you firmer, more youthful skin all over.

While surgical lifts are definitely the more aggressive approach, laser treatments can take care of your needs very well until you are ready to consider a surgical lift.

The laser treatments are FDA approved in the U.S. for reduction of skin laxity, wrinkles, fine lines and facial skin tightening.

Results are visible after one session and increase over two to three sessions.

How Does the “Magical” Laser Work?

The laser is designed to heat the collagen to a specific temperature at which point, a natural biological reaction happens— causing the collagen to contract and become thicker. The skin is intentionally “wounded” by the heat and as this happens, the body produces new collage to heal it. This process produces skin that is smoother, together and healthier.

The lasers are safe to use and will produce results on your face, arms, hands, abdomen and legs.

On average, it takes about four to six treatments to get results. Typically there is two to four weeks between treatments.

How Long Does the “Magic” Last?

The results will last for quite a while; however it doesn’t prevent your skin from aging, so you will have to repeat the treatment to maintain the results. How often you need to repeat will depend on your goals, your age, the state of your skin and the approach your doctor uses.

Posted by Jenn Horowitz