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Scar Treatments

October 17, 2017

One of the biggest concerns with cosmetic surgery is the scarring. People are concerned they are trading one problem for another.

While much of the scarring is hidden in places that most people will never see – for example in the hairline by the ear, or crease in the eyelid, or under arm, there are still some scars that will be visible. The appearance of the scar is largely dependent on the skill of the surgeon.

So what are your options when it comes to scars?

It is widely believed that Vitamin E is beneficial in healing scars, however there is no scientific evidence supporting that. Truthfully, the passage of time and proper wound care are the only options to you for home care.

However, doctor’s have the technology to reduce scarring.

Rebuilding collagen and reducing the colour of the scar – allowing it to blend into your skin is the goal of scar treatments.

SpaMedica’s skin resurfacing technology smoothes the skin and stimulates the new collagen formation that is needed. SpaMedica C02 and Erbium skin resurfacing is used to treat areas with multiple scars to create an even complexion in the entire area. There is downtime associated with this procedure.

There are other options, which are less invasive – for example fractional laser treatments smooth out and resurface skin imperfections. It also promotes the production of new collagen – creating skin that is more plump and firm.

Our FotoFacial programs aid in colour correction of your scar tissue and of course in the production of new collagen.

Soft tissue fillers can be used to fill in scar indentations and create skin that appears softer and smoother.

One of the things SpaMedica specializes in is a combination of energy devices to create a program that is significantly more effective than a single device treatment plan.

Sometimes scar treatments need to be repeated over time. Your skin changes and collagen is lost in the “damaged” areas – further treatments help increase collagen, keep the pigments light and create overall healthier, smoother skin – which decreases the scar appearance.

This little primer is designed to give you an idea of your options when it comes to scar treatment and reduction.  The best way to get specific information and a custom treatment plan is to schedule a consultation at SpaMedica with one of our premier skin care experts.

Posted by Jenn Horowitz